Our learning space

The Sun Chimes Childcare begins greeting before care school aged students and children at 6:30am. Children as young as 6 weeks until 12 years old are offered a warm smile in a bright and child friendly space separate from my home, Monday through Friday all year long. Breakfast is served and school age children ride the bus that directly stops in front of my home to either Northeast Academy or S.B Butler School. 

Young children are engaged with constant positive communication from me as they freely play and are promoted to work through social situations with one another. Infants who nap are laid down and school time promptly begins at 8:30am for toddlers, two year olds and preschool aged children. 

Field trips, outdoor play, or guided arts activities begin at 10am, a hot, homemade, organic lunch is served between 12:15 and 1pm then nap time or quiet time begins by 1:45pm daily. Gentle wake ups begin by 3:00 and PM snack is served at 3:15. Children play outdoors, weather permitting, until pick up by 5pm. 

Arts & Creations

The arts and free creations are essential to young learning for a young mind. Children that are introduced to the arts, music, language and outdoor planting excite brain cells and get excited about the foundations of early education. 

My Sun Chimes early childhood curriculum, focused on the whole child, prepares young minds for Kindergarden.

- Liz, Elementary Afterschool Program Director
“I've had my son stay with Kathy and the Sun Chimes and simply love how happy he is at drop off. Having my 3 year old happy each day helps me to focus on running a great program for my school kids.”